• Bella Diaz

● 1843

Skybox: MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 ♥ @ Equal10

Bed: K&S - four-poster bed adult ♥

Floor Lamp: K&S - floor lamp ♥

@ Cosmopolitan Event

Pouf: Ariskea - [Mika] Velour Pouf Purple

Chair: Ariskea - [Mika] Velour Chair

Pillow: Ariskea - [Mika] Eye Pillow

Rug: Ariskea - [Mika] Velour Rug

Console: Ariskea - [Mika] Console

Lamp on the Console: Ariskea - [Mika] Lamp

Plant on the Console: Ariskea - [Mika] Mint Vase Plant [White]

Frame: Ariskea - [Mika] Gold Frame Painting

@ Uber ♥ (Opens July 25th)

Dog Bed: #Foxy - Fur Baby Mom Gacha 'Throne Dog Bed' ♥

Toy Clutter: #Foxy - Fur Baby Mom Gacha 'Dog Toy Clutter' ♥

Bowls: #Foxy - Fur Baby Mom Gacha 'Dog Bowls Pink' ♥

Toy Basket: #Foxy - Fur Baby Mom Gacha 'Toy Basket Pink' ♥

Hanging Plant: dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant

Plant on the Floor: dust bunny . potted cheese plant

Puppy: [Black Bantam] - My Golden Pup Playing

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